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New Renault Alpine - Review

The Renault Alpine is a marque that has a rich and long history and the good news for those who miss this iconic name is that a return to the market is due in 2013. Back in May 2012, details of the new Alpine concept vehicle were leaked and after the finished product debuts at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, the first new Alpines for seventeen years will roll off the production lines very soon.

The return to Paris is no accident as the first ever Alpine was unveiled here over fifty years ago but the new version is a sleek and powerful supercar that is unlike anything ever produced with this name attached to it.

The new 395bhp V6-powered model is the brainchild of the company's chief designer Laurens van den Acker who declared a wish to revive the name when he joined Renault back in 2009. At that time however, any hopes of a return looked bleak as the firm announced that plans for a re-launch had been frozen due to the worldwide economic crisis of 2008.

Undeterred, van der Acker persisted with the vision until it became a reality and the end product is simply stunning from a visual point of view. The new Alpine is a result of the firm's designers merging their own Megane Trophy Racer with the outstanding DeZir concept car to produce the Alpine A110-50, to give it its full title.

Part of the design acknowledges its early roots as the new Renault Alpine carries central fog lights along the lines of the 1962 model but with half domed LED rings. At the rear of the car, there is a 3d window through which you can see the powerful V6 mid mounted engine.

The classic Alpine blue paint is retained to an extent but it has been brought up to date in order to cover the new vehicle's carbon fibre shell. However, the most stunning part of the design uses the DeZir's scissor doors and although there will be few occasions when you'll need doors open and bonnet up, this is arguably the point where the new vehicle looks at its most stunning.

That V6 engine carries 3.5 litres and delivers all the power to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox along with a mechanical, limited slip differential. The end result is 395bhp at 7200rpm combined with 311lb feet torque at 6200rpm and although no 0-60 or top speed statistics are available as yet, you can expect them to be particularly impressive.

Reports of the on the road price for the new model have been conflicting in some areas but most estimates suggest that the 2013 Alpine will cost around 40,000 to buy. It will be some time before you can buy a car bearing the new A110-50 name but for the Alpine overall, there is a huge market in used models dating back to its launch in the 1950's.

As for the brand new version, it is a stunning and worthy addition and those who are fanatical about the Alpine marque are awaiting the launch with almost unbearable anticipation.

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