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About the Renault Owners Club

This guide has been put together to clarify some of the myths often heard about the Renault Owners' Club. It also goes to show what we do for our members and what our members do for us. We are all elected annually and no one is paid. It also allows you to decide if this is the club for you before you join. However you write this it is bound to appear "boastful" but is really just a reflection on how hard the members work to make this club successful. Which is why we are still here after 60 years I guess. We would encourage you to ask questions before you join. Advice is free. Many people use our resources and do not join, this is why the public resources are not funded by the membership fees.

All members are treated equally. This means we don't spend huge sums on events for a few (all events self finance)

Our membership represents all ages. Indeed all of our committee are UK based and in employment.

Our membership Secretary is in his 20s and others are in their 60s.

We believe all Renaults are important and whilst primarily our membership is made up of Classic Models and Modern "base" models, we have an active, sport, modified and none car based section.

Most of the day to day chat happens on Facebook. We know not all people use this media so we have a forum too which is monitored but is quieter. 

No part of this website or the forum or facebook is funded from Membership fees. All fees are used only to fund aspects of the club all members receive equally. Principally the Magazine, Insurance and Affiliations. All other areas self finance or generate income for all the members. All committee members are unpaid volunteers and the magazine, website, shop and all other areas are run by unpaid members.

Whether your car is a classic, brand new or something in between, this family orientated club has something for everybody. Take a look through our site where you will find details of our services, high-quality full colour magazine, family events, classified ads and lots more.

Established in 1952 and supported by RENAULT UK. 

To promote mutual and friendly relations amongst members with an interest in Post 1940 Renaults, their history and continued manufacture right up to the present day. We are still the recognised UK club for owners of all Renault vehicles built after 1940.

32 Page A4 Full Colour Quarterly Magazine (the average for 2012 was 46 pages)

On Line Shop for Club Merchandise

Group of Registrars to help with your Vehicle

Events run by Members around the country

Access to Renault Events in the UK and Abroad

Copies of Renault Literature

Massive Quantity of tools for loan/hire

Over 5,000 Special and Unavailable parts with all funds being recycled.

A club where no member is paid for their services and all membership money is spent equally on all members.

Forum where anyone can chat about Renaults (or pretty much anything else) and Facebook 

The Oldest Renault Club in the Northern Hemisphere.

Member Club of Renault Classic - Renault Classic is the new name (2011) for the organisation run by Renault to look after the Heritage of the Renault Marque and is based in Paris. This allows members of the Renault Owners Club to access factory documents, technical data and attend events organised by them such as World Series and events on the continent. It should not be confused with other organisations using similar names.

Support for Dacia Vehicles (Renault Based) is now offered by the Dacia Owners Club 

The Club was founded in 1952, at an inaugural meeting on 2nd March, at 'The Denmark', a public house in London's Old Brompton Road, one of the members being Gordon J. Offord ('Don' to his friends), coach-maker to the monarchy through five reigns, via G.J. Offord and Son and, at the time, Renault's main London distributor. It was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts and did not exclude 'the trade', which at that time was more involved with its customers in general. 1955 saw the first "proper" magazine with a two-colour frontsheet. Three 'News Letter" magazines appeared in 1958 with the last edition growing to nine foolscap sides (with much technical and other input from members) and this sort of size - but more editions, six to be exact - came to be the norm in 1959, so that, within six years of its foundation, the Club can claim that it had a successful and interesting regular bulletin. Subsections were set up in many places, events were organised and well attended, Renault Ltd, looked with favour upon the organisation, headed by a dynamic committee and, of course, the Dauphine was selling like hot cakes. The first mini-cabs (which were Dauphines) hit the streets and the Gordini version came along; no wonder that the sale of over 15000 Dauphine (types) in less than five months at the beginning of 1960 drove fear into the hearts of the British manufacturers. The big news in the middle of the 60s and the event which enables the ROC to come face-to-face with a larger section of the Renault owning population of these islands, was Renault's amazingly successful Rallye Renault, first held in 1965 at the Acton works. For over a decade, these annual rallies brought together Renaultphiles and, at the same time, converted non-Renault sceptics in their droves for a surprisingly insignificant outlay. There was scarcely a famous house venue that the Rallyes did not visit - Longleat, Blenheim, Penshurst, Ragley, Woburn, Harewood. You name it and Renault were there, sixteen deep, even from Continental Europe and it was the first significant and, at the time, the best event of its kind for a single marque. The BBC even televised it! By 1967, the 'Newsletter' had become a regular thirty-odd double sided publication and it became more professional, reducing in size to A5. Renault was very successful and the concessionaires were very active; this meant that Renault became a mainstream marque, bought by a wider public looking for reliable transport. And, frankly, the Nines, Elevens and Eighteens of the Seventies were hardly the unusual, astonishingly good-value-for-money that their immediate predecessors, the 4,12 and 16 had been, let alone their trend setting r.e.r.w.d. antecedents. Members continue to participate at classic shows, at the Mas du Clos Gordini meetings, and at events in this country and on mainland Europe. The magazine has evolved into a professional A4 publication with a full colour cover and full colour pictures inside.
Renault UK approved Renault Owners Club. Recognised by the DVLA for the registering of rebuild data for Renaults.

With annual AGM's it has progressed to it's current level where it is still recognised by Renault as the only supported focus point for Post 1940s Renault Owners. Also created around this time was the Renault Freres Club that deals primarily with pre-1940s cars and was founded with the agreement of Renault UK to specialise in this niche area whilst allowing the Owners Club to handle all the models to the present day. Each year the clubs join together at a number of historic events, The Centenary in Paris, Histoire & Collection Events and the NEW Renault World Series Events where owners take their cars to a number of circuits around Europe to display and drive their cars at these events and hopefully obtain a Bronze, Silver or Gold Challenge Cup.

In 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 every UK and a number of European world series event was attended by members of the ROC.

Partnerships giving the members discounts off insurance, access to Renault documentation, our archive and material on cars as well as a spare parts service.

A regular 32 page (actually the average for the last 3 years has been 37 page) A4 magazine Renotes (usually March, July, September and December)

Download Sample June/July 2009 Renotes. 1.7Mb

Download Sample September 2009 Renotes 1.2Mb

Download Sample December 2009 Renotes 1.2Mb

Download Sample March 2010 Renotes 1.2Mb

Download Sample June 2010 Renotes 1.2Mb

Download Sample September 2010 Renotes 2MB


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