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Car Disposal

Do you perhaps have a car you need to pass on and would like it to go to a good home? The Renault Owners Club can help.

If you have a reasonable period of time we can include it in our magazine free of charge if it is a non-trade advert or for £10 if it is trade. This goes out quarterly. It will also be advertised on our forum and facebook page if appropriate and may also be passed on to other clubs with an interest. 

If you have less time we will advertise on line and also directly contact members with an interest. 

We also run a guide price service and offer some prices on line, although condition is always key. These are based on actual realised prices. (Prices HERE).

If you are interested, please email This address goes to the full committee so it's existence is widely known. We will always openly advertise the car before a member of the committee is considered to buy it, rarely we will buy a car if the only other actual alternative is scrap but these are generally also advertised and can be passed on when someone suitable comes forwards.

Some cars are easier to relocate than others which often comes down to how big the following is.

If you want a very quick sale we would always recommend ebay, although this limits sales to those in the immediate position to collect and there is a chance a scrap man would buy.

We actually declare if a committee member buys a car. I for example bought 2 Renaults, one of which was passed on at cost to a non-member of the club at cost. The purchase price of this was set independently prior to the advert but it was advertised on line as well. The second appeared in 2 magazines and on line and remains garaged under restoration.

Another committee member has also recently bought one (2013)  but again extensively advertised for nearly 6 months prior to the sale.

All these cars are planned to return to the road despite the restoration cost exceeding the rebuild cost.

We also find homes for free cars at short notice by direct contact with members and non members and on line and can often rapidly find good homes.


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