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 Classic Section

On these pages will appear specific articles for each section, these may be events limited to these specific models or articles on them. The events will also appear on the main pages where they are Renault based but there may be some here just for the section. The classic section is primarily for people interested in cars built from 1940 until 25 years ago (In the UK 1973 is an arbitrarily accepted date, cars built before are taxed as "Historic". However our club has decided that this should encompass cars launched up to 25 years ago as well as intrinsic classics like Spiders, Avantimes, Vel Satis etc which were iconic classic pretty much when they were launched.)

Veteran (1898-1904), Edwardian (1904-1919) and Veteran (1919-1940) come under the Renault Freres although some articles may appear from time to time as the clubs are recognised by each other and we share some members.

Sub sections for specific models will also grow up containing downloads, and more information as time passes. These pages will continually change so regular visits are worth it. Old articles from Renotes for the section will also appear here after a year or so.


Renotes July 2009 contains the following articles and book reviews of interest to collectors and avid classic members:
September has various Classic Spare parts, collectors 4CV books, pedal cars and much more. December has a n article on what happened to the Le Mans Engines, Rambler from Renault and much more. This is just an average Renault Owners Year. 2010 will hopefully see us at a number of Key Classic Events culminating hopefully in the Grand Finale in November at the NEC.

Also adverts for Dauphine Bodyshell (and parts), 2 Renault 4CVs and some Renault 4 and 5 Parts. As well as some additional ones on the Forum.

On the 4CV front, our editors Acton Built Renault 4CV Ferlec is coming along (delayed by holidays) but now MOTed and awaiting it's plate. It's just been joined by 2 more 4CVs, one of which has nearly another one inside it and that seems to have been a French Built RHD Ferlec.:

The shell and other body parts are all back from the painters and the powertrain is now back in it. The Ferlec electronic clutch has also been mounted and tested and the interior re done. The full article appears in March 2010 onwards Renotes.

During this process a number of new documents have come forwards that have been added to the archive that members can call on as part of the clubs ability to pass on Renault Literature.:

These include copies of some American Sales Brochures:

Some British sales Material (click for large version)

and some Modern UK material


As well as a copy of the original Ferlec Renault Factory Manual.

At the world series was possibly a smaller than normal number or Older Renaults, there were a number of Turbo 5s and Alpines, a Renault 10,4, Dauphine and some others brought by Histoire and Collection. More photos to follow in Renotes.

Tasters - Past Renotes - Please NOTE addresses and contacts in these may be wrong. Please use addresses on this website.

Download Sample June/July 2009 Renotes. 1.7Mb

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Download Sample March 2010 Renotes 1.2Mb

Download Sample June 2010 Renotes 1.2Mb

Download Sample September 2010 Renotes 2MB


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