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Clio V6

On the first Clio V6 (made in Sweden by TVR) the handling left a little bit to be desired (and has unfortunately been the demise of a few V6s. The following French film shows a first generation Clio V6 and a standard Turbo 5. By the 255 V6, handling had been improved to some degree which makes these (combined with their age) the more popular V6s

Although the hottest Renault Clio currently in production is the Renault Clio Renaultsport, the Renault Clio V6, which was produced from 2001 until 2005 is somewhat hotter. The car was designed for the road and the track, and driving it is a very different experience than driving a standard Clio.

The body lines are somewhat different from those of the standard Clio and there are side skirts and large air intakes just behind the driver and passenger doors. Note that this is a two seater; there are no rear seats. 

In fact there is little about the V6 that is at all like the standard Clio. For a start the engine is in a different place. It has been removed from the front and transplanted in the rear, which means that there is little capacity for carrying any luggage. As the car is rear wheel drive, driving it is an entirely different experience from driving a conventional Clio.

The V6 engine is a 3 litre unit matched with a six speed gearbox and it delivers a substantial 255 bhp (though some earlier models only developed 230 bhp). The power to weight ration means that this little car packs a very powerful punch with a 0 to 62 mph acceleration time of around 6.0 seconds. As you might expect, it emits a startling tone when hitting the high revs.

The car has excellent traction and is very well balanced. Driving it feels very much like driving a Porsche which means that it is a driver’s car. It truly is a high performance vehicle but to get the best out of it you need to know what you are doing, particularly as it lacks some of the more modern driving aids such as traction control.

Forget about carrying any luggage. There is a tiny boot which is just about large enough for a small carrier bag or briefcase. The car is not cheap either; you can expect to pay around £6,000 and £13,000 (achieved prices) depending on condition and whether phase 1 or phase 2 and watch for damaged ones that have been repaired; and be grateful if you get anything like the advertised 20 mpg.


Mileage 59,000 - £10,450 - Dealer Advert as below.

Renault Clio V6 Sport, Renault CLIO V6 Sport, Renault CLIO 3.0, 24v RenaultSport 255, 59,000 miles, limited edition, factory fitted alloy wheels, 59,000 miles, limited edition, No.165 CLIO v6 out of 354 ever made, factory fitted alloy wheels, half leather with suede sports seats, air conditioning and trip computer, tax till November 2011, MOT till March 2012, This car has an extensive history and masses of receipts, spending in excess of 4,500 pounds in the last year to bring this car into A1 condition, using main Renault franchise and only Renault parts, water pump, cam belt, tensioner, new tyres, brake discs, callipers and pads etc. This car is completely original and hasn’t been ruined by after market modifying. This car has factory fitted alloy wheels, half leather with suede sports seats, air conditioning and trip computer. The car has also been signed by Fernando Alonso whilst with Renault during his championship season, with pictures to prove. Tax is valid until November 2011 and MOT until March 2012. Insurance Group: 20, Grab the chance to buy and original and very unique car. £10,450 £10450.00,


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