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Festival Renault


After a preliminary report, the decision has been taken to cancel the Renault Festival, scheduled to take place on 20 and 21 July 2013.This decision to call off the event was unavoidable due to the current economic climate and the resulting budgetary constraints. As such, we did not think it is a good idea to launch the inaugural Renault Festival at a time when it would be difficult to involve all of us.
That said, we have not abandoned the idea of organising such an event in the future, in more favourable conditions.

However, we fully intend to press ahead with our various projects and continue our efforts working alongside our clubs, in the hope that we can return to the issue of the Renault Festival at a later date. First and foremost, the projects launched at the meetings held with some of you will carry on.

For example, the website, launched a few weeks ago, will be developed over the coming months to become THE site for interaction between Renault and the clubs.

Furthermore, the work begun on our federations will continue. The Retromobile Show, which will be held between 6 and 10 February 2013 in Paris ( France), will see the official launch of the French Federation of Renault and Alpine clubs. But this is just the beginning. We will then need to energise this Federation and make it as effective and relevant a tool as it can be for our clubs. We will also need to support other countries with the creation of their own such Federations.

Furthermore, we will remain attentive to our clubs in Europe to assist them in their projects (meetings, attendance at motor shows, etc.) and provide them with our support wherever we can. Feel free to tell us about your projects and we will see how we can help.

Finally, we are currently looking into range of events and plans to offer you throughout the coming year, such as Open Days at the Renault Classic technical workshop, strengthening the resources devoted to various World Series by Renault events, VIP access for clubs to certain exhibitions, etc. Again, your suggestions will be welcome.

I know I can count on your understanding and you can count on our desire to develop relations with the clubs.

Kind Regards Renault Classic Team

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