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The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs exists to 'uphold the freedom' for all enthusiasts to use their historic vehicles on the road and enjoy them. We do this on a very limited budget, under £100,000 per annum. Our funds come from three sources:

 ·        Clubs and collections - 85% of our budget comes from almost 500 clubs representing around 250,000 individuals

·        Supporters -œ 10% of our budget comes from traders whose livelihood depends upon the historic vehicle movement or from individuals who recognise the importance of our work and want to be a part of it.

·        Services - such as authenticating vehicles for competition or registration purposes makes up the balance.

FBHVC represents your interests by means of:

·        Monitoring - To keep abreast of legislative developments.

·        Research -To provide the information necessary to enable us to respond quickly and effectively to those developments.

·        Lobbying  - To ensure MPs, MEPs, and government agencies are aware of the interests of those who keep older vehicles.

·        Publicity  - To keep subscribers informed of any measures that might result in unfair treatment for old vehicle owners.

This work is undertaken by a team of some 20 volunteers whose experience spans the whole range of the historic vehicle movement as well as experts on fuels, legislation, events, and heritage.  The team is supported by a professional secretary who looks after the routine and background administrative work.

Member clubs are entitled to receive copies of our bi-monthly newsletter, have access to our club insurance scheme and legal helpline, free website listing and links, and access to our team of experts.

Without your support we could not exist - and the more clubs we represent the more weight our views carry in government circles.

The FBHVC is a member of the Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) an international organisation representing over 1 million individuals worldwide. FIVA fund a professional lobbyist in Brussels to monitor legislation which may affect the historic vehicle movement in the EU.

The aim of the Federation is to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles on the roads without any undue restriction and to support its member organisations in whatever way it can.

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