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Penhoët Boat

Renault have manufactured many products alongside cars, this has included tanks, tractors, moped, motorbikes, lawnmowers and boats. As well as boat engines and have even supplied engines for planes and airships.

This is a brief cover of a couple of engines the club has helped with over the years.

The Second engine was a RC28D - An indirect injection 2 Cylinder Diesel.

Owners Manual - Notice d'entretien  (In French) - Click Here

The first was for a Fuel Pump and Distributor for a Mercruiser Marinised 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine. Very similar to the Early Renault 5 engine.

Lastly we have one that never made it into a boat which is a 1.6 NA Diesel engine (same as Renault Express ins France) but which was not sold in that form in the UK. This most likely will end up in a car.

We have a number of manuals on these if you need help (although it is not a big area for us) email: 

Penhoët Boat

Renault Dauphine Marinised Engine by Société Jicey

A picture of a Renault Penhoet, saved a few months ago from probable destruction. This boat, bought new in 1967 by its previous owner, an employee Renault at the time, served as decoration in a Renault dealership where he worked. It was apparently unsold.

Upon purchase, it's first and only owner has transformed the traditional way by using a dinghy outboard (job well done). The reason is that the mechanics had a serious design flaw with consequences that can be equally serious: this is also the reason why Renault has stopped production after 2 years (1963)

"At the Paris Boat Show in October 1961, the Company Renault Penhoët, a subsidiary of the Renault, presented their famous runabout RP1, revolutionary in its design and price, which was launched on the market in early 1962.

The RP1 is equipped with an engine
of type Gordini transformed into its marine use. Propulsion is provided by a propeller, retractable lift which rotates at half engine speed which provides better traction for use when water skiing.

The shell consists of two castings, its construction was entrusted to Atlantic Yards (manufacturers of France, photo-cons).

It is headed by a Florid
e drive type.

Its speed is 50 km / h. It can carry 5 people. The seats are easily convertible into

With a total weight of 380 kg, this runabout is easily towable by Dauphine. "


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