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Renault Owners Club
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You would think that being a non member would mean you cannot get any enjoyment from the club. However, we do offer some services for the none member. All the material on the public site can be viewed (although not copied as it is copyright) and you are welcome to join our forum. You can still request dating details for your car (although a small fee may be charged) and you can ask us for information, including mechanical and information on parts. To help us along though, please either attach a photo of your chassis plate or the chassis number itself to the email. Please bear in mind though that we can only supply limited information to none members, this is usually limited to a few pages from the book or a few part numbers. Please appreciate that the club has amassed the data it holds based over a number of years and some of this material is limited to club members. Also all advice is given without and implication that it will be correct. If necessary, please talk it over with an expert to double check.

You are also welcome to come and meet us at shows and any of our regional meetings and to contact us through the club contacts pages. You can even volunteer to help without being a member or point us towards information we might like to see. We will also include you private adverts if they are of interest and genuine.

That said, hopefully what we can offer you may encourage you to join us as gain far more from us. We are all volunteers so the reply might be a little slow depending on holidays and circumstances.

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