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 Pedal Cars and Electric / Voitures-à-pédales et électriques

In theory you could argue that Louis Renault's fanaticism with cars started with bikes and trikes. In fact his first quadricycle was made from bits from his De Dion Tricycle and ever since Renault have been making other things alongside their cars.

This page is dedicated to their Human Powered Vehicles (and electric versions of these), mainly pedal cars but also briefly touching on the bikes and their relationship with Gitané. Of course all these pedal cars are clearly aimed at the parents as they are just too good for the kids.

The first car I got was a Vel Satis, oddly this one seems to have been spray painted before the decals were put on to give it a metallic finish (the norm is for the finished colour to be the colour of the vac form. It was made by Toys Toys in Italy but it has both a 6V and a 12V option by switch able plug. It's not one I have seen before.

The next one I got was an early Megane Sport, again in this case Electric (although a pedal version of this WAS available).


A later version of the newer Megane has also been made.

They also have made F1 Cars

I then moved up market? With a Renault Spider Pedal Car but not in the usual Yellow

And then a Pink Twingo.

Although other colours are available

And finally hopefully a Twizy.

But not finally as I then got a Clio V6

But these are not all they have made, There is a Renault 4CV (1948-1961)

A replica of the 1900s Renault Racing Car

A Twingo Gordini

A standard Megane

A "Yellow Teapot"

A Tractor


Magnum Truck


But even earlier there have been models like the Renault 16

A Dauphine

A Caravelle (also sold as a Floride with different badge)


Renault 4s

And a Long Time ago...(NN? or KZ)

Not all are well looked after. In here is a R8, Caravelle and 16


And there are of course smaller ones.

And Bigger Ones

like the Eco2 Pedal Car





Renault 4

Renault 5

Renault 8

Renault 16

Renault 17

Alpine A110

Alpine A210

  Renault have also made bicycles and also supported them alongside Gitane

Renault Volga

Mountain Bikes



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