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Realised Prices

This page shows examples of cars sold (with a precise of the description that went with them) and their selling prices and selling dates. This is from either ebay auctions or the club's site. It is intended only as a guide. Where a car was advertised at a fixed price, the price shown is the price sold. If the selling price is not known then the price will have (Advertised) next to it, the final offering may have been more or less. This is intended to aid you to work out value for restoration and insurance purposes only. We have not hidden any information as all this is freely available on web archives. Only completed sales are included.

these show you what bargains Renaults can be to get into the classic car market for very little money. Hopefully it will also save you getting stung by the "as seen at NEC" - "One of only 20 left" £14,000 motor that's probably worth £3,000. As we always say, there are many reasons a car is rare and before you buy one you need to know it is rare for the right reasons.

Some notes that may be of relevance.

  • If you are looking for an older Renault it can be worth paying a few £100 over the odds rather than a few £1000 doing the work. This assumes your plan is to keep it.

  • Don't begrudge the dealer his mark up, they offer additional services. However do you research too. Charges for warranties etc are all well and good but every car sold whether private or trade unless specifically sold for parts has to be fit for purpose and not all warranties are respected (although we have people who can help if your dealer sale gets a little rough).

  • If price is relevant, wait.

  • Some prices are shown as listed. It may be the car actually sold for less (or more) than the listed. If so and I can get evidence I will change it.

  • Do your research. What prompted me to do this was being contacted by an owner of a car advertised on the ROC site for £450. It took a month or so to sell so you cannot say it was under priced (they usually go before they go on line). I knew the car so I said, "oh I wondered who bought was a good car for £450....silence. Apparently it was bought by a dealer and advertised for getting on for £2,000.

  • The seller holds the cards. This can pay, if it is someone left a car by a dead relative who has no space or money to tax you hold leverage. If they just want to thin out but are not overly bothered less so and the dealer of course will wait for the money.

  • We use this guide to try and assist the buyer and the seller. The buyer may want to be in the club. In this field, if you speak to someone about prices they may well be a friend of the seller. If you are a potential new member, I would hope they are not likely to stitch you, but if they get the feeling you may just be a go between or a dealer then you may be seen as fair game to get a good price out of. Problem you have there is it renders the car off line, sometimes for many months. Of course you may be a dealer that gets a good buy and hopefully this guide will aid you to pitch your price you move it quickly.

  • It also may help the dealers, it is in no ones interest for a dealer to buy a "rare" car for a "knockdown price" just to advertise it and get no callers. Chances are if you won it on ebay you just beat the bid of the buyer's limit. This may well tell you what it will fetch. Similarly if you pick up an Alpine A110 at a public Auction (which we all knew about) for £45,000 you already know the UK max for the car. It may though also tell you guide prices for a quick sale. We'll accept a need to mark up for warranty and tarting up but people will expect this to be done and honoured. We do all chat though and "regular" cars rarely get a second look in.

  • If you have other prices please let me know, particularly on the unsold ones. I will try and put them in age order when I have enough.

  • Descriptions taken are usually the ones with the advert.

Classic Renault 9 TLE 1982
1.4 Petrol Manual 4 door
White and mot with 1 month tax average condition
For 30 years old part service history with renault sales book and Haynes owners manual and Renault 9 handbook and radio manual

Asking Price £750 End August 2012. 

Renault 15TS £750 Starting on Ebay - August 2012. NOT SOLD

RARE 1970' s  CLASSIC 
Black Vinyl Seats and Interior - in good condition

Renault 5 TL Car Derived Van - 44,000 Miles Ebay August 2012

On ebay with a starting price of £5,000 (Yes that's right). Once in a while they make this. The Zhandra Rhodes did but once it was auctioned on a none commercial basis - IE outside dealers it went down to well under £2,000. This has not sold yet and we will keep you posted. The on line Estimation is £600-£700 bearing in mind that just like the 3 door cars, the rot will be inside to out.

Renault Avantime - Ebay August 2012 - 66,500 Miles Privilege Auto 2002 - £3,433

Renault Avantime Spares or Repair - Ebay - 2002 Dynamique - August 2012 - £950 - 102,353 Miles

It has just passed its MOT and I am gutted that it has broken down. My wife was driving it and the clutch pedal just went to the floor and stuck there. It was receovered to our local garage by the RAC and was diagnosed as having a broken clutch master cylinder ( the faulty part is pictured for reference).

As you can see the car has a few battle scars, the main one over the nearside rear wheelarch and on the rear offside quarter.Before the breakdown the car was running great. It was due for a service though. Everything works on the car. It had the cambelt changed aroung 70,000 miles. It has a full stainless steel exhaust (costing over £300) which of course has a lifetime guarantee.

As you can see the car is taxed and Mot'd but cannot be driven as the whole clutch pedal assembly has been stripped out of the car. Is it an economical repair? well not for me but the master cylinder is about £200.

Clio Williams 1 - No 318 - Ebay August 2012 - 97,000 miles £2,395 Buy it now, bids stopped at £1,900 reserve not met.

Renault Williams Clio 2.0 16v, This car as had lots of money spent! the engine as been rebuilt,with new p-a-s pump,cambelt kit and drive belt. Clutch kit. All shockers and front road springs. Brake discs front and rear. with all brake pads.Handbrake cables, Reconiditioned steering rack. Wheels have been done. Four new tyres. Bodywork is excellent for a 20 year old car. Been well wax oiled. This williams is in great conidition ready for shows is summer. If you dont know the back ground to these cars they were the best hot hatches in the early nintys, when Williams and Renault were in f1 together. Only 400 uk spec cars were made is being 387 on its plack, If you follow F1 you will know that they are back together doing very well. Renault are currently looking at building new models of this iconick car. Which will push up the price of the original williams i am sure. grab a bargain!!! NO TIME WAISTERS,TYRES KICKERS AND DREAMERS PLEASE. CASH ON COLLECTION ONLY please. You bidd you buy, dont bidd if you do not want to buy. View before you buy .If you want to drive you must show insurance cover,or no road test will be allowed, only with me driving. thanks. 

Clio Williams 2. On Ebay August 2012. Reserve not met, 0 Bids at £1000 start. Advert pulled. Wanted £1850 CAT D.

Mechanically the car is exactly as it should be, having covered less than 4,000 miles since a major service towards the end of last year (new battery also fitted). All fluids are flushed out regularly (not just topped up), and it has a full Renault and specialist service history to back it up. Over the last year, I have replaced the front fogs with brand new, sealed yellow units and replaced the aftermarket cone filter with a new standard Renault airbox (including ITG panel filter). The car had a Scorpion back box and decat pipe when I bought it, but I decided not to change it as a I quite like the rasp and it isn't too intrusive. I have recently had all four wheels acid-dipped, freshly painted and lacquered and the polished lip diamond cut (£400 job!) This happened only a few months ago, and at the same time four new Michelin Pilot Exalto 2s were fitted - They have only covered around 800 miles since.

The interior of the car is arguably as good as it gets. I have replaced every nut and bolt visible and the pedal rubbers have also been replaced. The carpet looks like it's from a car that is one month old (was wrapped in plastic by an OCD previous owner), and the seats and centre console /dashboard have no wear at all. The parcel shelf and original clips are still in place and the boot carpet also looks like new, owing to a plastic boot liner in place to protect it.

Now to the bad bits. The car is sadly recorded as a Cat D, which is the lowest insurance claim category (you would never know looking at the car - don't be put off by this). I bought the car from a friend, so I am aware of the exact history. The damage was recorded as a new bonnet, bumper and one headlight following a minor prang (5 MPH) before my ownership, but unfortunately the insurance company had to record it as they wouldn't consider replacing the parts on a car of this age. The bumper and headlight was replaced prior to my ownership, but I sourced a new bonnet myself and had the front end resprayed at the same time (costing £350). There is also the tiniest bit of bubbling on the driver's side rear arch, although this is very superficial, and hardly noticeable. The car was in the same condition when originally purchased, but as it's been dry-stored, it hasn't developed at all. I did have the sills checked at a bodyshop around 8 month ago, and he said that the arches were rock solid when they were inspected.

1995 Clio Williams 2 - Ebay August 2012 - £2,250 Sold

67,000 miles with loads of service history in the book and invoices, including MOT's.

Cambelt was changed 2 years ago with invoice to prove.

MOT until July 2013

Uprated head lights and exhaust including manifold

The car drives really well and has got loads of power! I'm really impressed at how well it goes, no smoke or anything!

The interior is nearly mint no signs or wear

Cobra alarm and imob.

There is the usual patch of slight bubble/scab round both rear arches but it isnt as bad as most i have seen, please see pics. Other than that the only other fault is that sometimes the gauges in the middle, that show oil pressure, oil temp and level are slightly intermitant, sometimes they will work and sometimes they wont, however dont be alarmed there is no mechanical problem. The rest of the guages all work fine.

As you can see in one picture the oil pressure gauge is reading, (the oil temp isnt because i had only just started it).

Viewing welcome and recommended, then no arguments.

Coys Auction Blenheim July 2012

LOT 207 1993 Williams Renault Clio £1,888 + 15% Buyers Premium + 20% VAT on Premium (£2171.2)

Renault "Sport" models generally

First a note of importance. Initial prices for all the used Renaultsport models can be quite high but at about 10 years after launch they just fall off a plateaux, Talking to buyers the main reason is the inability (regardless of looks) to distinguish between a looked after car an a boy racer. This looks like a prime example, mentions good service history, well looked after and maintained but then a bit lower down mentions a whole host of modifications everyone thinks "ahh previous owner was a boy racer". This has meant a catastrophic fall in obtained prices of some cars although it hasn't stopped some pricing of cars based possible on unrealistic aspirations. The second is run a spell check. These adverts are copied as is and it is unfortunate that an image of the seller might be formulated before the person even looks at the car.

Renault 11 GTL - Via Renault Owners Club - November 2011 OIRO £450

6k service, 6,856 miles, 3/7/86

12k service, 12,181 miles, 1/10/86

18k service,18,408 miles, 9/2/87

24k service, 24,755 miles, 2/6/87

30k service, 31,886 miles, 14/4/88

36k service, 35,598 miles, 17/7/92

42k service,  39,993 miles, 9/2/2000


Renault 11 - Ebay - £476 Reserve not met. April 2012

Appeared again on Ebay August 2012 - Offers invited or Buy it now at £900 was recommended on another site as a "good buy" although I can't see a lot has been done since the failure to sell. Did sell but no current idea of the price paid. It did look like the wings had been done up at this point. A common point.

Renault 11 £600 on ROC but sold by private sale before magazine came out. February 2012

1986 (C) Renault 11 1.4 Broadway  5dr.  Met. light blue. Ownership is dealer demonstrator for 5 months, then 1 lady from then (local to us)

                      It is 40230 miles only, and has full service history and MOT until 19/03/2012. It is all very tidy and drives well. There is a small area of corrosion

                      on both front wings near the front edge (see photos). The rest of the body is very good and the interior is all tidy and no damage. There is both sets

                      of keys and whole car is extremely original. We don't want the car to sit around very long, but would like it to go to an enthusiast, as it is so good! 


Renault Caravelle - 87,000 Miles - £1999.99 Ebay - August 2012


Auction for an ultra-rare and interesting barn-find 1966 Renault Caravelle Convertible with detachable hardtop.

This car is 99.99% complete (only fuel cap & disi cap missing) and original and untouched since 1980 when driven into the barn in hampshire, where it's stood ever since with a sheet over it.
The car is showing 87,000 miles which is genuine according to it's elderly owner who bought it in 1971/2 and was previously used in Southern Ireland - hence being registed on a 'K' rather than a 1966 'D' (can be changed to an age-related 'D' via the DVLA if required).
The good thing is, is that it is the later 1100S model so has the really pretty 2-dial dash and sports steering wheel plus the more powerful 57.8 BHP engine with twin-choke Weber carb.
Designed by Ghia (hence similarity to VW Karmann-Ghia) and built by Frua in Italy, the car is pretty and honest and would be viable and a great basis for restoration, in it's good colour-way of white exterior and black Vinyl interior.
As the car has been sitting for over 32 years, it has suffered some of the effects of time, but to be honest, most of the areas the that will need attention, were subject to the period before being put away - the car has had paintwork done previously on the lower side areas and on the wings and there seems to be a fair bit of filling, but as these were coach-built with no panel seams, I guess there was a fair bit of 'filling' done in the factory! The underside seems reasonably solid but I think looks worse than it is due to old flaking underseal.
With a good clean, the interior will be mint, complete with period Pye radio - however, there is a small 'Rodent' patch missing from the rear footwell carpet.
No idea how the hood is as not dared take the removable hardtop off, but the hardtop looks in decent condition with really good widow rubbers and chrome etc.
I have not attempted to start the car as the Distributor cap is missing, but apart from that, the car seems mechanically complete but will obviously need a fair bit of recommissioning before being drivable or MOTable...
The car does roll, tyres have been pumped up and has been removed from the barn and is currently sat on my driveway ready for inspection and sale.
The car is on a V5 but it has been mislaid therefore will need applying for ( I was going to do it but that would add another owner!)
There seems to be under 60 of these still registered in the UK today, so is certainly rare and definitely viable for a fairly easy restoration project!
Another interesting fact is; the chap who owned the car, had a company in the 50's, 60's & 70's making and supplying alloy racing car bodies to Cooper Cars and lots of others (still their notepaper in the car).
There is not a great deal of history with the car but there are a few parts receipts from the 70s, handbook and a manual.
I also have a rare 'Catalogue De Piéces' available separately, a thick book showing exploded views and part numbers for all pieces of R.1131 cars.


Note a Second Red One was running at the same time and went to £3,600 before being removed. That one was MOT'd and Taxed and quite smart. My guess and it is only that is they were offered an off line offer, probably from a dealer and took it.

4CV / 750

2 causes of notes, good 4CVs are left hand drive so there is also a market into France for these.

A recent one went twice on ebay and both times failed to make reserve. 

The time it was on open bidding it made it to just over £5000. It later appears to have been sold privately to a dealer who now has it up for £8,650 and offers invited (August 2012). Again if you want a tidy example you may have to wait and bide your time or pay.

. One was at the NEC for £14,995 but needed a total respray, the engine was shot and mysteriously all the chassis plates had been carpeted over. This did sell for way over the show estimate of £2500-3000 (by  a reputable insurer) but in this case the owner really wanted one and sometimes there is no choice. 

The most famous and extensively and professionally rebuilt Bolster 750 was recently valued using estimates from 2 independent sources and was circa £7,000. This is a rare car with sunroof with a lot of heritage (although a lot has been replaced in keeping with the original project|)

Left Hand Drive 4CVs go for between 8000 and 10000 Euros in good condition. Their UK worth can be valued by the fact few if any are getting imported into the UK either to rebuild or sell on.

In Fact.....

1958 Renault 4CV Sport For Sale £5,250 / €6,250 

A nice green Renault 4CV Sport. Had a full restoration done in 2004. (Engine, paint, motor etc.) Excellent quality interior, exterior and engine. Car is in VERY good shape. Used as a Marriage Car sometimes, thus car has a good maintenance schedule and is used occasionally. 



Renault Alpine A110 1600SX

203 1976 Renault Alpine A110 1600 SX £36,520 + 15% commission on First £30,000 and 10% commission on  £6,520 plus 20% on commission. = £42,400

Recently Turned up on Ebay as a Classified at £59,995

Again this is a rare car and as such the seller will be holding the cards. They come up a couple of times a year though if you can wait, last one was at AC Williams which went for just over £35,000 plus taxes and commission.

Renault 18 TS - Sold on Ebay for £380 - 1985 - 30,000 Miles   - Standard - No Tax and MOT ran out at bidding time - August 2012

Renault 18 TD Estate - £510 - Ebay - 50,000 Miles - August 2012

Original Description.

Here we have for sale  a Renault 18 td. the td stands for touring diesel as it is an estate not turbo diesel. the car has covered roughly 50,000 miles since it was built in 1981, it is a 5 speed manual and has a 2.1 litre diesel engine.

   the car has had 2 owners since new and i have the original receipt from the first owner. the car was wax oiled from the factory and under neath is very tidy. the car has no rust except for a bit in the dent (see below). the car was our daily driver and so is in a clean but used condition. it is an honest car.  the car has had a cambelt change since i got the car two years ago. i have also changed the clutch and water pump. the car flies through the mot and the guy always comments on how tidy she is. the car had a new mot about two months ago (no work needed) but no tax as we haven't need to use the car recently (in last 2-3 months).

  i can honestly say i have never seen another one on the road and  according to the renault owners web site there were only a hand full still on the road 5 years ago.
the car is very fuel efficient and surprisingly quick for an old girl.

 there are only two bad points in my view. one is that the drivers seat has some holes in the fabric due to wear and tear. the second is that i backed my trailer into the passenger door and it has a medium sized dent it it. both bits of damage are available to see in the photo's


Renault 9

1.4l, 3 previous owners, 56k, 2x sets of keys, central locking, y reg, tax end feb, 11 months mot, advisory sheet present. only advisories where lowered suspension now back to standard, headlight switch now replaced, no reverse lights (due to manual conversion, easy to wire in and if a buyer would wish for me to do this i will free of charge) and one slightly damp rear wheel cylinder. car has never been welded and underneath is in outstanding condition due to being garaged most its life, car has a bad dent in rear drivers side door but a door is included with the sell. very reliable, has been used daily by myself for nearly a year now and on classic insurance costs me £110 a year to insure. any more info contact me.
complete new exhaust, from manifold back.
Price: £300 As stated
Advert Type: For Sale
Category: Classic Cars
Make: Renault
Model: 9
Year: 1983

Also on ebay no bids at £300

Renault 25 V6 - £891 - Ebay Reserve Not Met. August 2012

Renault GTA V6 - £4501.22 Ebay Reserve Not Met - Believed sold to club member. August 2012


Renault GTA - Non Turbo - Ebay August 2012 - £2,100 Reserve not met

This one was MOTd and taxed but the seller openly admitted it needs some work and has some missing pieces. Although rather unusual ones.

Alpine Renault GTA V6 (non-turbo) 1990. MOT expires June 2013, road tax Dec 2012. Needs attention to paintwork (see pictures). Minor mechanical works needed including driver's side electronic door catch, door locks faulty, gear lever gaiter loose, faulty electronic speedometer and missing rear grille. The car is missing its headlining. Recent new front cross member and brakes serviced. Starts and drives well.

 51,000 miles approx.


1989 RENAULT GTA V6 TURBO SOLD - Ebay August 2012 - Classified at £4,250 sold with deposit. Note unknown selling price but probably close to this.

70,000 miles

Nice example of a late model GTA V6 Turbo (Rear Folding Rear Seats, Twin Fuel Regulator/Stronger Bottom End)

Very rare car and in a lovely colour combination of Volcanic Metallic Grey and full Black Leather interior. Also has the desirable optional extra of ABS fitted. This would have cost the original owner over £33,000 when new in 1989.

This is completely standard with no modifications even down to the original radio cassette.

Mot'd until March 2013 and Taxed until end of September 2012.

Recently serviced(fluids, plugs, distributor, filters) and replacement parts include radiator, uprated alternator and discs and pads.

All the electrics work, it drives very well. Expensive Rear Lights and Front Headlamp Covers (some delamination to n/s) are crack free.

Bodywork is generally good but does have a few age related marks.

Unfortunately I did not receive a full service/MOT history with the car but there are a few handbooks/bills.

Priced realistically for a quick sale. This is an appreciating classic and will give you 0% Depreciation!

Renault 18 TS Gold 26,000 Miles £640 Ebay Reserve Not met. Sold to ROC member approx £650 August 2012

1983 renault 5 auto can be a good car project or can be used as spare or repair - £170 - Ebay  - August 2012



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