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Renault 9 and 11

The Renault 9 and 11 was a mid range car of the 80s (September 1981 to 1988). Unusually it was in effect one model but given 2 numbers. Previously cars like the 18 came in Saloon and Estate versions and later cars like the 19 came as hatch, boot, cabriolet but all were called 19. With the 9 and 11, the 9 was the booted model and the 11 the hatchback.

This leads to some confusion with the phases as often you will hear "Renault 9 Phase 1 and 2" and "Renault 11 Phase 1 and 2" when in effect, the 11 was the phase 2 Renault 9.

There were 3/4 phases of Renault 9/11. All though the Renault 11 that was released in 1983 was only available in phases 2 and 3. So phase 2 of Renault 9 is phase 1 of Renault 11. There is much confusion about the phase naming. The phase 1 was released in 1981 when Renault 9 was released, phase 2 released in 1983 when Renault 11 was released, phase 3 in 1987 and the phase 4 called "Broadway" that was never released in Europe, was released in Turkey in year 1997 although there was a special Broadway model in 1986 which was a trim option.

Variants were manufactured by American Motors Corporation (AMC), as the Renault Alliance (1983–1987) and Renault Encore (1984–1987) for the North American market — as well as for the Colombian market from 1983-1999.

1981 – 1989 (France)
1983 – 1987 (USA)
1984 – 1997 (Argentina)
1983 – 1999 (Colombia)

Billancourt, France
Valladolid, Spain
Taichung, Taiwan
Kenosha, United States
Envigado, Colombia
Santa Isabel, Argentina
Los Andes, Chile
Bursa, Turkey
Vallejo, Mexico

Renault 14

Renault 19

Small family car
Body style 3-door hatchback
5-door hatchback
2-door saloon (U.S. only)
4-door saloon
2-door convertible (U.S. only)

Front-engine, front-wheel drive

Robert Opron

These cars are particularly affordable with good base models going for only about £400 (make sure the wings are sound for this money) and the top spec Turbo models reaching £800-1000 if they are in "untinkered" state. There are examples of cars for sale well over this price but caution and research should be key words here as some may turn out not to be quite what they seem. See our price guide for some ideas of whet is available (Click Here)

Special variants were available as well. The Boston in white and silver with pin green stripes being one that has become collectable but without a massive price hike. 


The Biattitz came in 2 colours of grey with special front seats.


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