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The Renault owners club have a number of tools that may be of use to the member. These have been collected by donation in most instances as most tools are more common than the cars they belong to. However in most cases when they are needed they are hard to find or already in enthusiasts hands who may not wish to risk damage by loan.

The club operates a simple system, the person who wishes to borrow a tool pays for all the carriage (or can collect and return at shows), we recommend this is insured as some tools are large. They pay a £50 deposit against loss or damage and £10 a month for the hire. Although the deposit is not likely to cover the tool if it is lost it is likely to allow us to buy a lot more tools. If you have spare tools to donate, these are always welcome.

A list of the tools we have is below, please contact anyone on the committee to hire them. They are on a first come first served basis. When they are hired we will check in the manual it is the right one but we will try and include the use below. 1 Months hire fee is waived if the tool is returned within 1 month with a detailed article (with photos) on the repair for the magazine.

This service is for members only. The tool will come with a copy of the recommended instructions although the club is not responsible for it's use as they have no idea of the competency of the hirer. We have included some tools that are incomplete as well in case people have parts to make the up. These are marked . Items marked belong to members but may be used by discussion.

As a guide SUS=Supsension, MOT=Motor (Engine). TAV=Front Axle Train, TAR=Rear Axle Train, BVI=Gearboxes, ROU=Wheels, MS=Special Equipment, CAR=Bodywork, ELE=Electrical, EMB=Clutch, FRE=Brakes

2003 Tooling Guide

Photo Tool Number Car Used Instructions as Available
  SUS 1032 Renault 5 Suspension Spring Compressor - 1 Plate MT257Super53
TAV 601 Renault 25 and Trafic Drive Shaft and Hub Puller  
TAR 386 & 386.01 Rear Axle Tools  
BVI 656    
MOT 259-01 Renault 4, First Twingo,X40, Clio, R9, R11, R19,R21, R25, Safrane, J63, Alpine, Trafic - For fitting crankshaft seal, flywheel side  
MOT 788 Trafic, Master. For fitting crankshaft seal, flywheel side Replaced by MOT 1297 J8S J6R J7R J7T J5R J6T  
Facom T 284    
SUS 1012 Renault 25 Front Shock Absorber and Spring Compressor - Centre Rod  
TAV 476 Renault 4, First Twingo,X40, Clio, R9, R11, R19,R21, R25, Safrane, J63, Alpine, Trafic, Master, Laguna - Ball Joint Extractor  
TAR 960    
TAR 960 01 X40, Clio, R19 - Kit for Extracting Rear Bearing ring use WITH TAR 960  
TAR 659 Renault 25 - Tool for Working on Rear Shock Absorber  
XR25 Renaults Post Approx 1983  
SAGEM SDM 85 Renaults Post Approx 1983  
FRE 573  Pliers for hooking handbrake cable onto handbrake lever.
R4, Twingo, X40, 9, 11, 21, Laguna, 25, Safrane, J11, J63, Alpine, Trafic, Master
SUS 1052 05 Spring Compressor Plate for use with SUS 1052  
TAR 650    
BVI 494 Renault 4 Differential Play Adjustment  
MOT 382 Renault 4, First Twingo,X40, Clio, R9, R11, R19,R21, R25, Safrane, J63, Trafic, Master - Valve spring compressor used with 320 and 330-01  
BVI 377    
MOT12 Cylinder Liner Clamps -Dauphine, etc  
MOT 233 Trafic Valve Rocker Adjusters  
MOT 647 21,25,Trafic, Master, Safrane, J11, J63, Alpine  
Spring Compressor    
MOT 567 Valve Adjustment Tool 4, Twingo, X40, Clio, 9,11,19,21, Safrane, Trafic  
MOT 451 Clio & Trafic Studs for fitting Cylinder Head Gasket  
FRE 279.02 Brake Adjusting Spanner  
Bearing removal Sleeve    
ROU 732 Renault 4 and 19 Wheel bearing removal tool  
BVI 497  Renault 4 Secondary Shaft Nut  
BVI 204  21, 25, J11, J63 Secondary Shaft Nut  
SUS 1039 Renault Espace Mark 1 Spring Compressor  
SUS 1012 Renault 25 Spring Compression Tool  
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