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Trafic T800, T900, T1000, T1100, T1200, T1300, T1400 and Campers

This article relates to the worldwide supply of the Trafic. Some variants are not available in all markets.

I first came across Trafics and the Renault Owners Club when headlights were needed. For the T range of vans, particularly the pre facelift variant these were all but impossible to get except as second hand units. The same it seems is true of the ones for the first Master. The club was kind enough to point me to a rechromer their classic car section uses that re chromed them as part of a batch for a price way lower than I was being quoted for take off units. 

The First Generation Trafic had a life from 1980 to 2000 and followed on from the previous Estafette. It had a facelift in 1990 (September) but the base shell remained the same. Although even pre facelift there were 2 grills. This means that internals from a first generation will fit a second one and if you are really keen, you can lift, wings, bonnet, grill, bumpers and lights from the facelift and fit to the early ones (with some pipe fettling) if say your lights are completely broke (I actually got a light that needed rechroming (cheap as it was useless) to replace the broken one.

The engines fitted were generally one of the following although a full list and types is further down: 

1397cc 1.4 OHV
1647cc 1.6 OHV
2164cc 2.2 OHC
2068cc 2.1D OHC
2499cc 2.5D OHC

Although the chassis and cab was supplied to Winnebego in CKD form (Completely Knock Down Kits) for them to use as campers. In 2007 Tata started to produce the first generation Trafic again so some of the panels are becoming available again (although not necessarily to fit). 

The T system is particularly confusing as some relate to the pre face lift and some post. Of particular note is that because of the value of the camper vans it is important too to know what may be useable from say a T1400 on a T900. To this end I particularly had to thank the club as they had the paper manuals and cross reference guide for the pre electronic system in use now and also the electronic system to see if they were in use now. Also on Campers  it seems many were bought pre registration and sold using the camper vans chassis plates. They were kind enough to supply me details of where else I could locate the original number that the system needs. The engine number itself was hidden under the manifold.

T1400 Camper (Post Facelift) 2.5 Diesel 1994-1999 but also 2.0 Litre Petrol (Also 2.1, 2.2 and 2.5)

T1300 with Eriba Camper - Pre Facelift

1988/89 Eriba T1300 (2.0 and 2.1) This is a T1300D

T1200 (1981-00) Engine 1647cc S4 OHV (1984 Camper) Pre Facelift 1.6, 1.7 and 2.1

T1100 (Post Facelift) 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.5

T1000 Pre Facelift Autosleeper 1.6, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1 and 2.5 

1988 Auto Sleeper. Pre facelift but with the setback grill.

T900 1397cc 4 Cylinder also 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.5

T800 1.4L and 2.1L


Designation : S8Q-606
Launch Year: 1997 (up to 2001 :???: )
DIN Power: 65 HP
Taxable Power: 7HP
Fuel Economy: 8L/100kM
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : R19, Clio I,R21

Designation : 852 and 852-JS8
Launch Year: 1980 (up to 1994 )
DIN Power: 60HP
Taxable Power: 8HP
Fuel Economy: 9-10L/100kM
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : R21,R25

Designation : J8S 620 and J8S 758
Launch Year: 1994 (up to 1997 )
DIN Power: 64HP
Taxable Power: 8HP
Fuel Economy: 9-10L/100kM
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : R21,R25

Designation : S8U-750
Launch Year: 1987 (up to 2001 :???: )
DIN Power: 76.5 HP
Taxable Power: 10HP
Fuel Economy:10-12L/100kM
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : Master, R25, Safrane, fiat croma :???:

Designation : C1J 700
Launch Year: 1989 (up to 1991 )
DIN Power: 50 HP
Taxable Power: 8HP
Fuel Economy: ?
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : R19

Designation : A1M 707 and A1M708 (A1M707 as 4x4)
Launch Year: 1983 (up to 1986 )
DIN Power: 65 HP
Taxable Power: 9HP
Fuel Economy: ?
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : ?

1.7-Petrol-Carb 2 flap
Designation : F1N 720
Launch Year: 1992 (up to 1994 )
DIN Power: 70 HP
Taxable Power: 10HP
Fuel Economy: ?
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : R21

Designation : J5R 716
Launch Year: 1989 (up to 1990 )
DIN Power: 82 HP
Taxable Power: 11HP
Fuel Economy: ?
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : R21,R25

Designation : J7T 780
Launch Year: 1989 (up to 1994 )
DIN Power: 95 HP
Taxable Power: ??
Fuel Economy: ?
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : ?

Designation : J7T 600
Launch Year: 1994 (up to 1997 )
DIN Power: 103 HP
Taxable Power: 12HP
Fuel Economy: ?
Common Engines (not necessarily identical) : ? 


The T number at the top is the type from the chassis plate (denoting front wheel drive) or P Number for rear of which about 10,000 were made. (not T1100, T1300 etc) it can be possible to backwards calculate it if your vehicle is original and has no plate. It basically relates to length (SWB or LWB) and roof heights.

During his long run, it underwent two major restyles (front panel) and was the subject of numerous technical modifications (engine, mechanical parts, equipment, comfort and safety).

- 1981-88: the first version has a grille in the middle of the
front end that stuck out (until February 1989). The later flat grille (March 1989) indicates a transverse engine there was at this point a conversion special which also utilised the Renault 25 Automatic gearbox and the protuberance (sticky out) one indicates the presence of a longitudinal engine (ie diesel and 1.7L petrol)
- 1989-94: the second version, pretty much, is more rounded at both the grille and the wings. The van
gains 11cm in length overall (but not floor length).
- 1995-98: the third and final version, has undergone many changes that
you do not necessarily see at first glance. It is distinguished by the number of horizontal lines on the grille (lower), the larger mirrors, taillights of different shape, restyled instrument panel, a second handle on the sliding door and side walls less "flat" (at the location for the side windows).

The actual grill combinations depend also on the engine and gearbox.

The P types had 4 grills. 7704002622 to 1986, 7704002622 with F1N engine to 89/02 and 7704002621 to 89/02  with J5R and 852 (diesel) engines. and after 89/03 6006003702 or 703 if it did not have headlamp washers.

The T types had 5 grills. 

start to 89/02

7704002622 with 847 and F1N engine with an additional strip above 7700733970, 7704002621 with A1M and 7704002621 with J5R and 852 

After 89/02

with 852 and Petrol engines 6006003702 or 703 if it did not have headlamp washers.
With S8* and 8140 engines 6006003705 or 706 if it did not have headlamp washers.

Engine types can be found at




Since 1997, Opel and Vauxhall sell Trafic under the common Arena.


T800 and T900 ->165-R14
T100,T1100,T1200 and T1300 ->175-R14
T1400 ->185-75-R14
4x4 ->195-R14
P1200 and P1400 ->205-R14
P1100-> 6.90 " R15

More Coming Soon

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