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 Twingo 1

Bug Eyes.

Presented at the 1992 Paris Motorshow and designed by Patrick Le Querment, the car went into production fully for sale in 1993 (this was quite common). It was replaced by the Twingo 2 (or 5) in 2007 but is still in production. The Twingo 1 had a facelifts in 1998, 2000 and 2004 and is one of the few Renaults not to follow the 6 year model rule (introduced, facelift after 4 years and replacement 2 years later). It followed on from the tradition Renault had of producing small budget cars to a good specification that were cheap and economical. This started with the 4CV /750, went on through the 4s and 5s and super five campuses and to the later 1.2 Clios and Clio Campuses. Total production up to 30 June 2007 was 2,478,648


An electric version was also made. It was initially built in Flins and then moved to Uraguay and Columbia.

Whilst only ever sold in LHD format (allegedly because the crank pulley got in the way of the only possible steering column route). All the manuals were published in English as well and Right Hand Drive Headlights were mad available and sold through the standard parts system (some are still available!)


April 1993 - Launched with only one trim level, and four colours, at a price of 55,000FF (about £5500).
June 1994 - New colours introduced and minor interior changes.
October 1994 - Easy model launched, with a semi automatic gearbox.
September 1995 - The first of many special editions launched. Airbags become optional.
July 1996 - New engine of 1149 cc from the Clio fitted to replace the previous engine from the Renault 5. Also, various improvements made including the addition of a third brake light.
July 1998 - First major restyling — revisions to interior and dashboard, revised front and rear lights; front orange indicator lights removed.
October 1998 - Top of the range Initiale model launched.
September 2000 - Second major restyling — Larger 14" wheels, revised door trims with larger door pockets, the lock to open the trunk/boot is now black instead of shiny silver, cup holders are added in front of gearstick.
December 2000 - 1.2 litre 16v engine launched, with 75 hp (56 kW).
April 2001 - Semi automatic gearbox launched, called Quickshift.
September 2002 - Further revisions — new interior trims and wheel covers.
September 2004 - Third major revision — Renault logo fitted to boot lid, side rubbing strips fitted and new colours launched.
June 2007 - Production and sales end in Europe, to be replaced by the Twingo 2.

The colour scheme and styling were aimed at the basis of the Twingo's name, Twist, Swing and Tango.

In a number of trim options.

Campus/Generation, Kenzo, Kiss Cool, Initiale

Engine 1.0L D7D I4 petrol
1.2L C3G I4 petrol
1.2L D7F I4 petrol
1.2L D4F I4 petrol
Wheelbase 2,345 mm (92.3 in)
Length 3,430 mm (135.0 in)
Width 1,630 mm (64.2 in)
Height 1,420 mm (55.9 in)
Curb weight from 790 kg (1,742 lb)

As with all Twingos a number of "fun" options rapidly became available to coordinate or clash with the colour coded interior.

Pre and post 1998 dashboards, mainly for the introduction of airbags.


Twingo 2

Twingo 3? or maybe a new name?


Note: The information supplied here has been included in good faith but has not been checked for accuracy or origination.

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