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Wanted Classified Adverts

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The Renault Owners Club cannot guarantee cars and/or parts advertised and it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that cars and parts are fit and suitable for the intended use.


GRAHAM MORGAN SCAM. If you are contacted offering parts for money please check them out. Look for poor English, inability to send photos and request for western union payments. Also put their contact details into google and see if they come up on scam sites.

Will all members please note that persons advertising cars with an e-mail address are being targeted by fraudsters.
This scam works by offering either to beat the best price so far or by offering to pay an inflated price which will include shipping. The catch is that you are asked to pay the shipping company by bankers draft or some other form of immediate payment, out of the cheque you receive. Of course the money goes out of your account before you discover that their cheque is dishonoured. This scam is not peculiar to Renaults, all makes are targeted, so beware of any enquiry to purchase from overseas and certainly never, ever part with money or a vehicle until you are 100% certain that you have been paid. Some cheques take over 6 months to properly clear. Be extremely cautious of Western Union Transfers. These even appear to go into your bank, just to be withdrawn later.

New Scam


Greetings from USA, Do you still want the merchandise you posted on 
the subject title website? i have it for sale and condition is 
OK,Please are you ready to buy now? just want to be sure before 
sending photos,I have been with shipping all my life and now 
retired,shipping will be cheap and insured , let me know if you 
are still interested thanks, hope to hear from you soon


Sent from: - a quick check on the IP shows this as a UK sender registering via Canada and a proxy server (which basically means he is trying to hide behind a wall) The wording itself lots of stupid little sentences, rush, rush oh and stooopid enough to have used exactly the same words on a million other sites. The hidden return address is:

Renault  Caravelle
On the look out as well for a 1968 Caravelle, Centre section of the rear bumper, Pair internal stays which are bolted to the leading ends of the rear bumper corner sections, Pair Original Rear Reflectors and one rear ed light lens.

Phone Robin on 01579 370158 or email - Location Cornwall

Centre exhaust section for Renault15TS/17TL Auto.

Original Renault part number is 7700 566 513. Please see picture. Any help in finding this part would be most appreciated.

Tel John 00353 863673301 or



Front wings and front bumper plus overriders, for mk1 renault 12. Also is there any member with a Renault 12 Estate or anyone who has any information on these vehicles?


Matra Information
I have a Matra Djet six,I believe the only one in South Africa.I intend to restore this car.Is there a club who I can contact for information about this car.
John Boyce Email:


I am French and collect Renault racing car postcards in your country. I found your email on the Katriinas Renault Center website. Do you have some Renault racing car postcards to exchange What do you collect?
Can I sent you some Renault racing car postcards in exchange?
Thank you very much for your answer. Best wishes
Philippe Jacques, Lajoinie, 19270 Sainte Fereole, France

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