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Why the Renault Owners Club?

Traditionally the Renault Owners' Club does not go actively seeking members. We wait for them to come to us. Whilst we have on line sites, facebook and forums, it is very rare you will see us post recommending the none payers join. At shows, we won't do the big push and in fact have often been know to point people to other clubs more suited to them.

The people that join us do so for many reasons, the top one has to be value for money, the second is probably because we cover all the cars that don't generate their own sites. You see loads of sites for the sports models but when did you see a Clio Campus site? But more bought the Clio Campus than the sports. After that it seems to be the parts and events.

Old cars join us because we have the experience to know they need the modern cars. Most old Renaults survive in such low volumes that special parts are impossible to make. We however have contacts in clubs right round the world and regularly buy up parts to keep them on the road or even break cars. On the other side, that Caravelle Crank Oil Seal....still used on the current Twingo as a Camshaft seal. Oddly many other examples of this cross over survive. Even fabrication of panels for rebuilds is not beyond our members.

When met with this - (Caravelle)

Our members (themselves) do this:

For new cars, this is probably the smallest entry group but with the biggest growth, especially in these tough times, most seem to wait until the cars get to about 10 years old and parts start to be hard to find (lights often) - which could be very late for some models, but again we can help, even on new cars, sensible advice is useful, we may know others with similar cars and have tips and tricks, some dealers and insurers offer discounts and parts (Genuine) even on brand new cars. History shows that despite the enthusiasm for a particular model or marque, time will always cause suffering to Renaults, accidents, high mileage, some will be company cars, all take their toll and we have seen many examples of enthusiastic forums slowly reduce in numbers and die, often with the last few enthusiasts left coming to join us either officially or un officially (as most of our events permit none member attendance).

Logically even if you have a high spec car you will end up here, all the enthusiastically owner Clio Campuses have many parts on them, when finally they die, that are used on other models. Far more of these were built also so even if the same number are lost, many more still remain.

Graph of survivability.

A More typical Campus Model




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