FrenchFest’19 – Horsham


NOT an official club event - Members are offered a kind invitation to take part

At Horsham, West Sussex

Members are invited to assist in creating a French car display/show for Horsham town centre to celebrate Bastille Day on Sunday 14th July 2019. This will be a new event for the area. The organiser hopes to gather together a wide collection of interesting and varied French cars, spanning many years of production. This will be an eclectic event with a broad spectrum of vehicles. He would be after interesting, rare and classic show worthy examples that represent the scope of the French car industry. It is hoped that some of you would like to come and share your passion for your cars with the people of Horsham and surrounding areas.

Horsham is situated in the heart of West Sussex and the event would probably consist of a convoy into town followed by a static display in the ‘Carfax’ and a procession out and homeward. It would last from morning to afternoon. As the roads will be closed, once the participants are located they will need to stay for the duration.

This will be a great event, celebrating French food & culture as well as cars, and judging by previous Italian themed events organised (see link) and now a long standing Easter fixture it will be well attended.

To apply to take part please contact Ross Charman Email FrenchFest'19

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