Members’ Parts Finder Service

Please include as much information as you have, in particular, ALL the numbers from the OVAL plate (shown in the image below – click to enlarge) and if you can, a photo of the part concerned. Oval Plates can usually be found under the bonnet, on the door pillar or in the footwell and generally are similar to the pictures shown.

Chassis / Oval Plate Locations

Please Note: Where a part is identified as still being available from Renault, we will always advise you to try them first or source ourselves from them for you. The club may have dealers offering some parts with a discount which will be offered also. Large parts from abroad may take time to bring into the UK and if a contribution to the cost of doing this is possible it would be much appreciated.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 3mb.

I agree that, by filling out this form, a search will be made for the part required. It will not be reserved until the price has been agreed and paid. Parts are on a first served basis. The parts may take a while to locate as this service is run by members in their spare time. This service is for paid up members only with the exception of parts listed on the shop page.

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