Make the whole world APPY

Ever dream of the perfect little French town?

You’d probably be dreaming of Appy, a commune nestled in the Pyrenees mountains where the air is crisp and fresh. To keep it that way, Renault have given every resident their own New ZOE, making it even more dreamy.

100% Electric New ZOE in an APPY place

The all-electric vehicle will treat the town to intuitive advanced driver assistance systems, hands free keycard practicality and zero tailpipe emissions.

New ZOE is capable of a class-leading range of up to 245 miles on a full charge. That makes nipping out and about in even the most isolated of towns easy.

Renault can’t wait to hear how Appy gets on with the scheme, as their feedback will help them understand the way customers interact with and use electric vehicles day to day.

If the inhabitants of one of the country’s most isolated towns can adopt an electric way of life, it’ll prove that everyone can.

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