The All-new Renault Clio: The icon of a new generation – Part 2: Exterior

2019 – New Renault Clio 2019

Renewing an icon, perpetuating the saga
Renault is presenting the All-new Clio, the fifth generation of the automotive icon having sold some 15 million units. Launched in 1990 to the Clio has become Groupe Renault’s best-selling model worldwide. Clio represents the French population’s favorite car more than any other model and has even risen to the top of the B segment in Europe since 2013. In a remarkable sales performance, Clio sales have increased each year between 2012 and 2018.
More modern and athletic, the All-new Clio draws on the DNA responsible for its success for nearly 30 years. It builds on the strengths of each of the four previous generations, opening a new and highly anticipated chapter in an illustrious story.
– From Clio I, it “has all the makings of a great vehicle”. Like the model launched in 1990, the All-new Clio features technology found on higher-end vehicles such as Mégane and Espace.
– From Clio II, it has adopted extremely high standards of spaciousness and comfort.
– Like Clio III, it ushers in a new era in terms of perceived quality.
– From Clio IV, it inherits a strong design, one that inspired the entire Renault range and became a true trademark.

Designed according to the “Evolution and Revolution” principle, the All-new Clio rewrites the rule book with more mature body styling and an entirely revamped interior. Featuring more sculpted lines and a more assertive front end, The All-new Clio gains in vitality and modernity while remaining instantly recognizable, despite the fact that it comprises 100% new parts. Inside, the revolution is strikingly clear. The completely redesigned interior is inspired by higher-end segments, both in terms of perceived quality and available technology. These strengths benefit all motorists, bringing them greater practicality and ease in use.

2019 – Genèse design New Renault CLIO

“The fifth-generation Clio is very important for us as it is the best-seller in its segment and the second best-selling car in Europe, all categories combined. The Clio is an icon, and the latest features the very best of the previous generations. The exterior design of Clio IV won over our customers and continues to do so today, so we chose to keep that DNA while bringing modernity and elegance to the new model. The interior has undergone a true revolution, with a considerable improvement in perceived quality, greater sophistication and technology. It is the best Clio ever.”

Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design

The All-new Clio is the spearhead of Groupe Renault’s strategic plan, “Drive the Future (2017-2022)”. Presented in autumn 2017, the plan has three key objectives:
– Electric: by 2022, Groupe Renault will offer 12 electrified models in its range. The All-new Clio will be the first with its E-Tech hybrid engine based on technology developed by Renault.
– Connected: also by 2022, the company is targeting 100% connected vehicles in its key markets. The All-new Clio perfectly illustrates this momentum with its new connected multimedia system developed by the Alliance.
– Autonomous: by 2022, Groupe Renault will market 15 models equipped with autonomous driving technology. The All-new Clio will be a pioneer in this respect by making the driver assistance systems leading to autonomous driving widely available on a city car.

The All-new Clio is central to the strategy aimed at strengthening synergies in the Alliance. This strategy notably hinges on the development of shared technologies and the use of new platforms, such as the CMF-B platform that the All-new Clio is the first to be built on and its new electrical and electronic architecture. The platform can thus integrate the latest technologies to respond to new market requirements.
The pioneer of a new generation of Renault models, the All-new Clio is also available in a new R.S. Line version, inspired directly by Renault Sport, and with the “INITIALE PARIS” signature, the latter having taken a new design direction.

2019 – Genèse design New Renault CLIO

The All-new Renault Clio sparks an interior revolution
It takes just an instant to notice. Perceived quality and driving station ergonomics were set as priorities for the All-new Clio interior design teams. The cabin takes on a new dimension in perceived quality with high-end materials, a soft coating on the dashboard, door panels and central console surround, and meticulously finished furnishings. Featuring a more compact design to free up space and integrating more in-car technologies, the All-new Clio’s all-new “Smart Cockpit” is driver-focused. The wave-like shape underlines the impression of width. Equipped with the widest screens in the segment, it provides resolutely modern ergonomics for a more immersive driving experience. The All-new Clio also makes innovations unique to the segment broadly accessible, among them an electric parking brake, which is particularly useful in city driving.

Multimedia screen
A key component of the Smart Cockpit, the 9.3-inch multimedia screen (twice as large as the 7-inch version) is the biggest ever on a Renault model. The vertical and subtly curved tablet, inspired by that on Espace, visually enlarges the dashboard, lends the cabin a more contemporary feel and improves screen visibility. Turned towards the driver, the screen, with its new EASY LINK connected system, comprises all the multimedia, navigation and infotainment features as well as the MULTI-SENSE settings, all of them remarkably simple to use.

Digital meter
For the first time, the All-new Clio is equipped with a digital screen replacing the traditional analog display. The technology has been adopted directly from higher-end segments. Measuring 7 to 10 inches, the TFT screen can be used to customize the driving experience in a highly intuitive manner. The 10-inch version will include GPS navigation in the display. With its two, 9.3-inch and 10-inch screens, the All-new Clio boasts the largest screens in its category.

2019 – New Renault CLIO R.S. Line

Particular attention was paid to the quality of the All-new Clio’s entirely redesigned dashboard. It is divided into three parts: a top panel with a foamed coating, a coated and customizable central panel, and a lower area housing functional components such as the glove box. The dashboard’s wave-like shape lends extra visual width to the cockpit. This impression is further heightened by the horizontal forms of the central and side air vents. Below the central screen, meticulous attention was paid to ergonomics, with “piano” buttons and direct-access air conditioning controls for easier use by drivers.

Steering wheel
The new, more elegant steering wheel has a more compact design through the use of a more compact airbag than on the previous model, improving dashboard visibility for the driver. Equipped with a thumb rest and a broader hoop, the new wheel is also a pleasure to hold. It is fitted with new, more comprehensive and back-lit controls and contributes to the improvement in perceived quality with its satin chrome finish.

Central console
The central console is also a key component of the All-new Clio’s Smart Cockpit. Positioned higher for enhanced ergonomics, it is home to a shorter gear lever offering a natural and comfortable grip. The coated central console can be customized depending on the interior design scheme and features special lighting on its outer edge. The eminently practical storage compartments built in to the lower part of the console make life easier for passengers, including a wireless smartphone charging area.

The seats on the All-new Clio are generally seen in higher-end models. They provide better support through a longer seat base and a more enveloping shape. Their semi-soft shell significantly improves knee space for rear
passengers when their new, thinner comma-shaped headrests improve rear visibility and bring back-seat passengers a greater sense of spaciousness. Particular care has been taken in the choice of materials, as in the case of the dashboard. As such, these contribute to the improvement in perceived quality on board. The seats are also more ergonomic and easier to use thanks to more accessible controls.

2019 – New Renault TWINGO

Door Panels
The door panels on the All-new Clio are also available in soft materials unique to the segment. The coated panels boast large inserts enlivened, like the arm rests, by a range of available design schemes. The inserts are also equipped with a soft, indirect and diffuse light ambience.

Each New Clio owner can create a car in their own image with a range of customization packs, deciding on the appearance of the central console, dashboard, door panels, steering wheel and arm rests. Customers can choose between no fewer than eight interior design schemes and benefit from an innovative customization offering with special colors for the line formed by the air vents spanning the entire width of the dashboard. The All-new Clio is also available with ambient lighting in eight different colors.

A more modern and expressive exterior design
More elegant and dynamic from all angles, the All-new Clio inherits the sensual shapes of the previous generation. The new model gains in expressiveness while keeping its sleek profile. At the front, the hood incorporates ribs for a sculpted effect. The grille is bigger and the front bumper is more pronounced with a very expressive central air scoop that promotes good engine cooling. In terms of size, the All-new Clio is 14 mm shorter (length 4048mm, width 1798mm) but more spacious inside. The body has been lowered by up to 30 mm (height 1440mm) for better aerodynamics and extra athleticism. The 17-inch wheels (depending on the version) enhance the new model’s dynamic look. Details such as the shark fin antenna, the 100% LED lights, the flush tailgate and the chrome-plated side-window surrounds serve to modernize the exterior and improve perceived quality.

Body paint
The All-new Clio is available in several new body colors including Valencia Orange as well as Vison Brown and Celadon Blue. Embodying the All-new Clio’s vitality, the new Valencia Orange tone offers unprecedented depth and radiance thanks to a specific orange colored varnish treatment making its first appearance in the automotive industry. In all, the All-new Clio is available in 11 body colors and with three exterior customization packs (red, orange and black).

2019 – Renault New CLIO

Air deflectors
The All-new Clio is the first to be fitted with air deflectors on the front wheel arches. The deflectors serve to limit friction and boost aerodynamics, thereby reducing fuel consumption. As a bonus, they lend a dynamic and sporty air to the design of the All-new Clio.

The headlights on the All-new Clio, now 100% LED from the first trim level, are equipped with the C-Shape light signature that characterizes Renault models. They lend the All-new Clio a more expressive look, underscored by the diamond motif topping the light and adding extra elegance.

The trunk architecture has been optimized to make its shape as cubic as possible. The premium BOSE audio system has been fully integrated and therefore does not encroach on trunk volume, which has been increased to 391 liters (plus 26 liters of interior storage spaces), making it the largest in the category. The double floor simplifies everyday loading, while the rear seats fold down to provide a flat floor.
Rear lights
As with the headlights, the more expressive rear lights feature a new C-Shape light signature with a particularly strong effect of depth. A third, longer and thinner brake light is fitted on the top of the rear window.

The sleek profile of the previous generation, symbolized by the window-mounted rear door handles, has been improved through a number of aesthetic choices. These include chrome-plated window surrounds, gloss black window pillars and rear handles, lower side panels hollowed out of the sheet metal, and the chrome-plated CLIO signature. The care and detail paid to the body sides also boost the perceived quality of the exterior.

Rear end
The rear comprises chrome-plated lines as seen on the sides. The design of the trunk, and in particular the flush fit between tailgate and bumper, was reworked for extra perceived quality. Lights overflowing on the tailgate give a wider width to the rear of New Clio.

The All-new Renault Clio R.S. Line
A new label inspired by Renault Sport
Renault Sport is introducing its R.S. Line label on the All-new Clio, gradually replacing the current GT-Line. GT-Line was a pioneer in sporty look packs and has bolstered the Renault Sport range strategy in all markets since 2010. With upgraded and richer content, R.S. Line is more than a mere name change.

R.S. Line provides more athletic exterior lines and interior design in response to the expectations of customers, who are increasingly looking for extra differentiation through dynamic styling.

R.S. Line also has stronger kinship with the high-performance R.S. label, the two letters being synonymous with authentic sports driving. The new label boasts all the key exterior and interior design cues of Renault Sport.

Outside, the All-new Clio R.S. Line is fitted with the F1 blade, an emblematic design component of R.S. models. It also stands apart with its honeycomb grille, special 17-inch wheel rims and more athletic rear end.

The interior is home to other distinctive R.S. Line items including sports seats with reinforced support, carbon-style inserts, a perforated leather steering wheel with the double R.S. diamond, an aluminum pedal set, and a black atmosphere punctuated by red topstitching and edging.

The R.S. Line brings the All-new Clio more sporty attributes so that customers can more fully experience the brand’s motorsport heritage, which remains very much alive today, from Formula 1 to customer competition.

The All-new Renault Clio INITIALE PARIS
The INITIALE PARIS signature gains a fresh look on All-new Renault Clio.
Available on numerous models in the Renault range (Captur, Scénic, Talisman, Koleos and Espace), the INITIALE PARIS signature is back on the All-new Clio with an entirely new design approach bringing motorists the very best in Renault know-how.
Outside, the All-new Clio INITIALE PARIS stands out through pure and extremely elegant styling. Chrome detailing adorns the window surrounds, lower door protectors and grille. The latter sports an INITIALE PARIS badge, as does the front wing. The distinctive styling is boosted by the shark fin antenna and special INITIALE PARIS 17-inch wheels.
Inside, the All-new Clio INITIALE PARIS is available with two color schemes: Black and Sand Grey. Reserved exclusively for this version, the padded leather seats with their special design are particular stand-outs. The cabin is also home to a special foamed leather steering wheel.

The All-new Clio perpetuates the illustrious story of stylish and exceptional Clio models initiated in 1991 by Clio Baccara with an even more elegant and meticulous INITIALE PARIS signature, bringing motorists a unique onboard atmosphere.

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