AGM 2018 Minutes

In accordance with the wishes of the all those that commented, we are putting the minutes on line and allowing Renotes to be used for more Renault Owners Material.


Minutes of Renowners Club Ltd AGM 15/04/2018




The National Brewery Centre,

Horninglow Street,

Burton Upon Trent,

DE14 1NG

Rob Slater Completed the housekeeping, H&S etc.

Hector opened the meeting asking that all questions go through the chair and that the meeting was to proceed in a calm and gentlemanly manner.

A minutes silence was observed for members who had passed away during the year.

(Attendance list available by email from in the interests of Data Protection)

1.Apologies for absence

Mike Fawke, Alex Millen, Peter Bell, Calden Blatt, Carol Tasker, Stewart Stone, David Stone,

Andrew Waller, Andrew MgRaa, Simon Fox, George Allsop, Andrew McKenzie-Wintle.

2. Minutes amended as proposed on agenda

3. Club Officers’ reports. As In Renotes March 2018.

a) Chairman: No Report

b) Secretary: Alasdair read out David’s report.

Acceptance: Proposed  Claire Wright, Seconded, Bernard Brown, Vote Unanamous

c) Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Alasdair read out his report.

Acceptance: Proposed Richard Brooks, Seconded Shaun Whent , Vote Unanamous ,Abs Alasdair

e) Magazine Editor

Acceptance: Proposed Colin Robertson, Seconded Bernard Brown , Vote Unanamous ,Abs Alasdair

f) Merchandising Officer: Glyn

 Acceptance: Proposed Bernard Brown, Seconded David Austin , Vote Unanamous ,Abs Glyn

i) Webmaster

Acceptance: Proposed Phill Wright , Seconded Bernard Brown , Vote Unanamous ,Abs Alasdair

j) Events Officer

Acceptance: Proposed Brian Whiteside, Seconded John Hart , Vote Unanamous ,Abs Robert

k) Motorsport

Acceptance: Proposed John Bratley, Seconded Tony Louis , Vote Unanamous ,Abs Roy

4.Presentation of accounts

Brian Whiteside, wanted to confirm the final would be not significantly different to the draft. Alasdair explained that corporation tax may be payable. BW, page 5 split between adverts and membership fees as income. Alasdair 20/80 split towards advertising. Brian asked about other income. Rob Slater answered with Parts sales. Hector queried the spares stores Alasdair explained they are in free storage but need cataloguing. Tony Topliss had 2 points, to review advertising prices and confirm membership of FBHVC. Rob Slater explained the direct costs were printing.

Acceptance proposed by Tony Louies Seconded by Bernard Brown

Abstentions Alasdair Worsley and Rob Slater

Vote Unanimous

Waiver of auditing, Hector explained the reasons.

Accounts to 2018/2019 waiver of auditing.

Proposed Bernard Brown Seconded by Richard Brooks

Abstentions Alasdair Worsley and Michael Chambers

Vote Unanimous

5. Election of Officers

Hector read a statement raising concerns regarding the previous voting procedures and differences between the articles and bye laws on the website and the original versions. (Copy attached)

Alasdair confirmed he had copies of all documents mentioned. Brian Whiteside pointed out there were irregularities and that the articles on the website were incorrect. Alasdair pointed out that the byelaws cannot contradict the articles, the articles at Companies House are definitive.  Ryan Turnell stated that this is incorrect, and we cannot vote on it as it’s not fully understood. Rob Slater stated It doesn’t matter as we did this last year. Brian Whiteside stated that clarification was required. Michael Chambers pointed out We have to vote in a committee, therefore elect a committee based on the rules lodged with companies house. Alasdair

The voting and election of officers therefore took place under the rules laid down in the original articles of association.

2018/2019- Current Officer Listed – (RS = willing to continue if elected)

Election of President and Vice-Presidents.

Hector Mackenzie-Wintle

Proposed by Brian Whiteside and seconded by Des Collins.

A large number of proposers and Seconders were received for the following roles but the first two were selected and named.

  • Chairman – Bernard Brown
    Proposed Shaun Whent, Seconded Peter Bell. A second nomination was withdrawn.
    Unanamous Abst BB
  • Secretary – Vacant – The existing candidate may be willing to continue to assist in the role.
    Proposed Calden Batt, Seconded John Fitzgerald.

  • Treasurer – Michael Chambers
    Proposed Shaun Whent, Seconded Claire Wright
    Unanamous Abst MC
  • Membership Secretary – Michael Chambers
    Proposed Shaun Whent, Seconded Claire Wright.
    Unanamous Abst MC
  • Magazine Editor and Webmaster – Alasdair Worsley (RS)
    Proposed John Bratley, Seconded Andy Mitchell.
    Unanamous Abst AW
  • Merchandising (shop) Officer – Glyn Hayler (RS)
    Proposed David Stone, Seconded Carol Tasker.
    Unanamous Abst GH
  • Events Officer – Rob Slater (RS)
    Proposed Richard Birchenough, Seconded Simon Byatt.
    Unanamous Abst RS
  • Motorsport Officer – Roy Prosser (RS)
    Proposed Shaun Whent, Seconded Dicky Braithwaite.
    Unanamous Abst RP
  • Ordinary Committee Members – Andrew Waller as Deputy Events
    Proposed Ryan Turnell Seconded Michael Wrigley
    Ordinary Committee Members – Shaun Whent as Deputy Editor
    Proposed John Bratley, Seconded Michael Wrigley (also supported by the late Ngaire Wadman)

7. All motions were withdrawn.


2 motions were put forward under any other business.

That the wording in clause 14.1 in the articles be changed from ” all members of the committee shall be directors” to at least three members of the committee shall be directors”

Proposed: Brian Whiteside Seconded: Alasdair Worsley

Vote: Unamous in favour.

This must be notified to companies house within 15 days. Robert Slater has agreed to tackle this task.

That the committee examine,review and propose a definitive version of the club rules for presentation at the 2019 AGM

Proposed: Richard Birchenough  Seconded:Brian Whiteside

Vote: Unamous in favour

The meeting was closed at 14.45

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