Happy New Year

2018 Saw the Renault Owners’ Club expand their events diary with Tatton, Oulton Park, Donington, French Car Show, 2 NEC Events, Tilford, Doncaster and a return to La Vie en Bleu, to mention just a few. With members help £1000 was raised for Guide Dogs with a member driving 1000 miles in 4 days…and yes the car performed faultlessly. Renault 750, Dauphine, Avantime, 5, Fluence. Espace, 12, Caravelle, 18, 21 Savanna, 25 LIMO, Fuego, GTA, and many more cars went out on the road. Even a 62 year old automatic went out in Scotland in Winter!

Around 1500 guests and members are on Facebook, 4 magazines went out, including probably the largest ever at 74 A4 pages and still the club can be joined for just £20 wherever you are.

We continue to support all post World War 2 Renaults equally, wherever you are and we not only welcome old and new cars but we have lots for both to do. New cars are as welcome at the major events as old ones…indeed we had a Fluence ZE and an Espace at the NEC Classic and we had a 1927 at French Car Show…and it drove there!

2019 will no doubt supply new challenges but looking at the regular new members (not just for cheap insurance!) and regular returning ones and requests coming in, I hope the club with the members can continue to support Renault Owners as it has done for nearly 67 years.

66 Years old and still proving we “Drive the Best!”

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